Every Dollar Goes a Long Way in Africa

And with just $3000 we can begin developing the remainder of the 20 acres of land for the InTerraTree site. Please give what you can to help us build the ecovillage and education center in Togo, West Africa. Your contribution will go a long way in breaking ground on a new kind of development model - one that empowers communities and celebrates local culture.

Volunteer Trip

Journey to Togo


Mission: Rainy Season

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After two extraordinary winter programs, we are ecstatic to return to InTerraTree this spring with another small group of volunteers. This trip will offer a blend of transformational cultural immersion and eco-development projects on our land in Togo, West Africa. Living in a tight-knit international community, we will share our cultures, talents, and creativity as we co-create the InTerraTree vision. 

Together we will take on the extremes and vibrant beauty of the RAINY SEASON. This is the best time of year for planting in Togo, as well as for experimenting with unique water management practices that have never been implemented before in this region. Join us as we teach permaculture to local villagers, get your hands dirty building swales, and harvest the tropical fruits of our labor. 

Our Togolese friends are master West African artists and musicians. Your time in Togo will be filled with opportunities to build your own djembe drum, make batik artwork, and dance under the stars to the rhythms of Mother Africa. This is more than just a way to have a good time. Celebrating traditional culture is how we will empower local communities against the destructive forces of globalization. 

The region of Togo where InTerraTree is located is one of the best-kept secret tropical paradises of the world. Butterfly jungles and epic waterfalls abound. Hike up the tallest mountain in the country, Mt. Agou, with its untouched villages and breathtaking views. Then return to the InTerraTree land to sip some palm wine and pluck a mango from the tree, while relaxing in the cooling river on site. 

The neighboring village of Kpime-Seva still honors its tribal chief and gathers people together for meetings with the drum circle. Remnants of an ancient way of living can be found here. Nearby, the larger town of Kpalime offers a touch of urban life, with bustling old-world markets and handprinted fabric pouring out of shops. Tailors are ready to make your custom African suit or dress. 


InTerraTree is a center for possibility. Join us this June to find out what you are capable of.

Africa is calling.


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One of the greatest resources available to humankind today is our diversity of culture. With incredible technologies that allow us to communicate globally instantaneously or travel around the world in hours, we are connected like never before. With this ability comes tremendous responsibility to preserve and share that which makes us unique.

 – Nick Joyce, Founder