Into the Unknown, From Scotland to Portugal


The beautiful Inverness, Scotland

After my ten minute sharing in the Universal Hall during the New Story Summit, one of the event’s organizers took back the mic. As an afterthought he announced to the crowd that I would be walking from Scotland to West Africa after the event. While it was true that I was planning on overlanding these 6,000 miles as the InTerraTree Activation Tour, the idea of literally walking them seemed like an insane feat. As people began asking me about my walking and encouraging me on my journey: among them Sateesh Kumar and Geoff Daigilsh, two men who had both walked several thousand miles themselves, this crazy idea began to root itself inside of me. I still met the inquiries with some hesitation, explaining that I was overlanding and not literally walking, but the collective energy created around this impossible feat continued to grow and I began to deeply consider it as a possibility.

On the last day after the conference, I had a possibility shifting conversation with Clinton Callahan, founder of the Possibility Management trainings. Living up to his work, Clinton immediately brought an entirely new, and surprisingly simple question to the table: why are you walking and how does that fit into your life? This question, and my relative inability to answer, began an internal shift that called me back to my center. As he listened to me explain what I was really looking for, what I considered my life’s work and life’s purpose to be, another question, in fact an invitation, came from him: What if rather than spending three months searching for something on the road, I abandoned the plan and went to Portugal to spend 5 days directly going after what I was looking for, with a group of people to support me, in one of his trainings?


After another powerful moment of receiving some of the deepest support and validation I have ever had, a moment made possible through authentically initiated eldership, my concept of the path ahead had been severely rocked. I spent the next 24 hours in a liquid state, as Clinton would call it, digesting everything that had happened during the incredibly powerful New Story Summit and everything that had just shifted inside of me after my conversation with Clinton. Despite extreme exhaustion, impossible odds, and remarkable synchronicities that kept me moving forward, I found myself landing in Lisbon 24 hours later: coming off a plane out of London, after taking a taxi to a train to an overnight bus to cover the 14+ hours from the northern reaches of Scotland to London.

(left) Sitting on the train from Forres, after literally racing alongside it to the station in a cab from Findhorn. Talk about a James Bond style moment!

(below right) A fruit stand along the dusty roads from Lisbon to Odemira.

IMG_0349Throughout the journey, there was a tremendous deal of questioning, of shifting, of persevering, and of letting go. I felt guilt for changing my plans: fear of being judged for changing my mind; anger towards myself for not sticking with “THE PLAN,” and sadness about of my internal doubts that had led me to give away my center and allow the story of my walk grow. The moment I got off the plane and met with Clinton, Marion, and Vanda, I knew I had made the right choice. As we bounced along dirt roads through the Alantejo of Portugal in a sunbeaten black car for the next three hours, I felt the most comfortable I have in a long time. I was ready for whatever was to come over the next 5 days, or at least I thought I was… 🙂

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