Global Ecovillage Network @ Findhorn Foundation


After arriving at Findhorn, dropping into the context was much easier than the initial culture shock of arriving in Scotland.

Sirius Community, the 35 year-old woodland ecovillage and sustainability oasis I have been living in for the past 2 1/2 years, was built by two brothers who had gained their inspiration while living at Findhorn and the familiarity was palpable. This, along with the fact that the approximately 300 person population of Findhorn is comprised by dozens of countries, allowed me to fall into my role in the diversity of the human ecosystem without much attracting attention.

I met my wonderful host family, John and Kerstin, (so much gratitude to them for hosting me!) and soon started running into all of my NextGEN family.
***NextGEN is a part of the Global Ecovillage Network, specifically focused on outreach, education, and skill building for young people wanting to become a part of this international movement. Find out more about what we’re doing in North America!

From there, I quickly dropped into a number of meetings for the Global Ecovillage Network, being called to serve my duties as an elected member of the International Board. From meetings about the upcoming Global Ecovillage Summit in Senegal this December, to our Annual General Meeting; connecting the elected Representatives from all Global Regions together, in person and through WebEx, to having a number of process work and active discovery workshops focused on dreaming the future of GEN together, a lot of connections, dreams, and sources of inspiration were born.

Serving as Representative to a Global Network is both a deeply humbling and challenging experience. It is incredible how far our mycelial network reaches, connecting nodes of inspiration, change, and next culture, instantaneously transferring new models and learned lessons across the network to empower us all to take our next steps. There are always things that can be improved and a great deal of responsibility born out of the potential for great impact and every time I meet with this team, I struggle to be patient, to trust the process, to bring my best ideas forward while fully listening to others, and am simultaneously reenergized by the love, connection, motivation, dedication, and pure passion of all those who are a part of this family. Great change is possible and this network isn’t just talking about it, but implementing it on the ground in new and creative ways, all over the world. For anyone looking for new meaning, new stories, new ways of being, and a network to feel supported by in radically changing your life, the inspiration of thousands all over the world who already have, we warmly invite you to join us in the Global Ecovillage Network! Check out the open source Ecovillage Design Curriculum, visit a sustainable community near you, or get in touch with me here 🙂


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