Every Dollar Goes a Long Way in Africa

And with just $3000 we can begin developing the remainder of the 20 acres of land for the InTerraTree site. Please give what you can to help us build the ecovillage and education center in Togo, West Africa. Your contribution will go a long way in breaking ground on a new kind of development model - one that empowers communities and celebrates local culture.

Monkey Freedom

Weeks after our last winter volunteers departed, a member of our core team, Seth Reynolds, was made a very interesting offer. During a visit to Lome, the capital city in Togo, a new friend gifted Seth a monkey. That’s right, a monkey.

Wild monkeys are incredibly rare in West Africa, as most have been hunted down, eaten, or kept under cruel conditions as exotic pets. This monkey’s story was no different. Having spent most of her life chained to a windowsill in the downtown of Lome, the monkey had never ran through a forest or swung from a tree. Her days were spent surrounded by loud noise, exhaust fumes, and humans who occasionally shoved food at her.

That is, until Seth came along.

#Monkey Freedom is a video series documenting the tale of one monkey’s freedom from the streets of Lome. It is a story of hope, justice, and the loving friendship that grew between a boy and his hairy companion. This is also a campaign to raise awareness about the conditions of all monkeys in West Africa and to help them find freedom too.

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