Every Dollar Goes a Long Way in Africa

And with just $3000 we can begin developing the remainder of the 20 acres of land for the InTerraTree site. Please give what you can to help us build the ecovillage and education center in Togo, West Africa. Your contribution will go a long way in breaking ground on a new kind of development model - one that empowers communities and celebrates local culture.


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We understand that Togo, West Africa is a tiny country far away from where you are probably living. We get that (especially for young people) the opportunity of a life-time may simply be out of reach, due to financial constraints. That is why we have teamed up with Drums for Development to create a unique fundraising opportunity for volunteers who have applied for our volunteer program.



Together we will get you to Togo. Here’s how…





Step 1

Register for your InTerraTree program, being sure to click yes for the fundraise option. Your journey starts here!

Step 2

We will send you a special code to be used at check out from Drums for Development's online store. Every time this code is used 50% of the total purchase will be reduced from your program fees.

Step 3

Tell everyone about your trip! Host fundraisers using the unique African merchandise and send friends to the online store with your special code.

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          Step 4

Join us in Togo, West Africa!




What is Drums for Development?

dfd logoOur parent organization, Drums for Development is a social enterprise bringing handcrafts and music directly from Togo, West Africa, with proceeds going back to support community development projects in the region. But even more so, it is a movement using the universal language of music to develop solidarity for a sustainable future. Through mindfulness drumming workshops and cultural education through the arts, Drums for Development is supporting a different development model, one in which both sides benefit. Because we purchase the artwork from a local artist group at their asking price, they can cover their costs and benefit from the additional proceeds we send back from the U.S. market, funneled into sustainable development projects (such as InTerraTree!)

To learn the full history of Drums for Development and InTerraTree, please visit the About Us page.

To shop Drums for Development’s online store, please visit their website at www.drumsfordevelopment.com



IMG_8608How can I get more information?


We are happy to answer any questions about our fundraising program for volunteers. Please send us an email at volunteer@interratree.org OR call 781-244-0484 for more information.

To find out more about Drums for Development, please visit their website at www.drumsfordevelopment.com

Thank you for your interest! Akpe!