Every Dollar Goes a Long Way in Africa

And with just $3000 we can begin developing the remainder of the 20 acres of land for the InTerraTree site. Please give what you can to help us build the ecovillage and education center in Togo, West Africa. Your contribution will go a long way in breaking ground on a new kind of development model - one that empowers communities and celebrates local culture.

InTerraTree is a center for sustainability education and cultural immersion in Togo, West Africa.
By collaborating with locals we are creating a POSITIVE DEVELOPMENT model.

InTerraTree Activation Tour

Arriving in Scotland

Early morning on September 24, I boarded a flight from Boston to Aberdeen (in the North of Scotland). After a quick stop in Londo

InTerraTree aims to address root causes of destructive globalization and use available resources to build local resiliency. It is built on the premise that through cross-cultural exchange of ideas and values, creative collaboration, and sustainability education we can create a new kind of positive development.

Nick Joyce, Founder